C.Aarme – Kurzinterview zum neuen Album „World Music“

This entry was posted on 15.02.2010

C.Aarme haben nach Jahren ein neues Album veröffentlicht, erstmals nicht auf Burning Heart (das Label implodiert gerade sowieso), sondern in Deutschland auf Nois-o-lution. Weil „World Music“ ganz hervorragend geworden ist, gibt es hier ein kurzes Interview, unübersetzt, weil per E-Mail geführt. Beantwortet hat die Fragen der Bassist David… Die überarbeitete Variante erscheint dann demnächst im Trust.

You still look like skinny boys after all these years in rock music. How do I know for sure you didn’t use some models for your pictures while you produce your music locked away somewhere in Sweden?

That’s the thing isn’t it! You never know for sure.

But seriously: Back in 2004 you started the band, recorded a couple of 7″s and got a contract with Burning Heart. And then you fell of the „punk rock map'“ – at least for me. I never heard your 2nd album, and you needed another three years to record ‚World Music‘. What happened?

Burning Heart obviously didn’t do a very good job at promoting the second album ‚Vita‘. Somewhere around that time the label started to fall apart and after a long struggle over various boring issues we decided it was
time to take a break. We needed to make it fun and interesting again and after some time we felt it was right to get back together.

And are you glad it went the day it did? Back then I had the impression the label and your tour booker wanted to build you up as the next „punkrock sensation“.

Things happened the way they did and as a creative unit we are in a really good place right now. The band has never sounded better. But of course it wouldn’t hurt to had sold a couple of million records.

Is Spegel your own record company, or is a friend doing that? At least it looks a like a tiny label to me.

It is a small label indeed. We made a deliberate choice working with someone we knew and could trust. Being number one instead of fifty seven on the priority list really helps. Sure there are pro’s and con’s in big
versus small, but it’s working out great and as of now we felt the need of a David more than a Goliath.

Is that the way you gotta do things these days? After all labels start to disappear these days, Burning Heart is just barely alive. and it feels like bands have to take things into their own hands?

Yes that is definitely the way to go these days. Keeping someone you know close and through that person or label reaching out to the bigger ones.

But of course how did you end up with Nois-o-lution?

Honestly I don’t know. You should ask Spegel about that.

I am impressed by the idea of doing 10 versions of the CD with a ultra-limited-run – Will we see a ltd version of „WM“ in Germany too, or will the Noi-s-olution release be the one „standard“ release of the album?

Well that is another great thing about going „small“. You get to do interesting and creative things. You get to work with people who are interested in great ideas and don’t base their business on backward
thinking. As of now it will be a standard release in Germany, but we’re definitely open to suggestions. Anyone can go to www.drella.com and order the limited editions. They ship world wide. Edition one through four are
sold out, but there are still six to go.

An dieser Stelle muss ich einharken, weil es das Verständnis berührt, welche Aufgaben Plattenfirmen auch heute noch haben. Ohne Nois-o-lution hätte dieses Interview nicht stattgefunden, insofern ist die Arbeit des kleinen Labels (wir reden nicht von Universal!) unbedingt unterstützenswert. Das heißt: Kauft die Noiso-Veröffentlichung!

Let’s talk about „World Music“, the theme. While you have have that album title, song titles like „Assuan“ and „Angola“ , and you did play a festival against Malaria, the music has nothing to do wth the currently popular World Music trend. Neither with the real artists like Fela Kuti nor with pop-versions like Vampire Weekend. So what do you think about World Music? And why this title?

Considering our music not being the most commercially accessible, it was a nice way to say this is music from us to the world. Everyone included! Furthermore the title ‚World Music‘ is a critique of the colonial mindset
of western civilization. The labeling of the genre ‚world music‘, where you lump together hundreds of different styles of music, is a reflection of the way we view the world. It’s both absurd and ignorant. We couldn’t
care less about anything but our Iphones and Mc Freedom’s. Our mono-culture, the only „true“ and civilized way to live, is built on a tradition of destroying local and indigenous communities and cultures. To
this day we still crusade the world, bringing „true faith“ and industrial capitalism wherever we go and ultimately that creates the ethical basis as to how we lead our everyday lives. It might be time to change that soon.


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